The stumbling block in the deal, on the transfer of one of the divisions of the international holding to a Russian company, was the position of the Norwegian military and politicians, who expressed their outrage at its terms. The point is that the foreign trade division of the Russian holding Transmashholding (TMH), TMH International, has agreed with the famous British Rolls-Royce group to sell its Norwegian asset, Bergen Engines. The British began looking for a buyer for the plant since the beginning of last year. … And when they practically managed to conclude a deal with the Russians, first the Norwegian politicians, and then the military intervened. As it turned out, it was at the Bergen Engines plant located in Bergen, Norway that the engines of not only the Norwegian Coast Guard ships, but also the modern reconnaissance ship “Maryata” of the national armed forces. It is at this enterprise that they undergo maintenance and repair. That is, the question of secret technologies, which can be accessed by structures associated with Russia, worries the Norwegian deputies and the military very much. What is the enterprise? It should be noted that the production of Bergen Engines can give a serious impetus to the Russian engine building. The enterprise consists of divisions dealing with metalworking, high-precision casting, assembly shops, as well as repair shops, and, importantly, its own design bureau. In addition, the company owns service centers in seven countries around the world. The total number of personnel is about 950 people. The main types of products manufactured at the production facilities of the enterprise are gas turbine and diesel engines from 3600 kW to 12000 kW. For comparison, the power of one of the two engines of the most common Russian corvette, project 20380, is 12,000 hp. (about 9000 kW). In addition to units for the shipbuilding industry, Bergen Engines is engaged in the development and manufacture of electric diesel generators with a capacity of 1400 kW to 11,830 kW. What next? The reaction of the Norwegian leadership to the appeals of parliament members was rather cool. On the demand to pay attention to the deal, “undermining the country’s security,” the Minister of Defense of Norway, Frank Bakke-Jensen noted that a thorough examination of the agreement will be carried out and whether the sold enterprise falls under the status of strategically important. that they consider the sale of the enterprise as a commercial transaction between the two entities and do not intend to interfere in it in any way. Recall the completion of the transaction, worth 150 million euros, is scheduled for the second half of 2021.


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