Board games help budding entrepreneurs and future leaders assess complex and unforeseen situations and find practical solutions. To find out which games are really capable of developing business qualities in a seemingly ordinary person, we talked to the employees of the specialized Russian Internet resource cashflow-game.net, dedicated to the topic of business games. The guys told us at once 5 classic games that have long won their authority on a global scale. Board games are a fun platform for learning strategy and leadership. Most successful business leaders have retained their strategic minds by playing select board games, honing and honing their business moves, and thinking several steps ahead. Playing board games helps budding entrepreneurs and future leaders assess complex and challenging situations and find practical solutions. Board games simulate real life situations, and with each passing level, you also find yourself in more difficult situations. Board games teach patience and stress management. There are many board games to choose from, but of our five favorite board games for entrepreneurial leadership, we list the following: 1. Monopoly Monopoly, currently published by Hasbro, is a very popular board game in the world of entrepreneurs and leaders. This fast real estate game has been around for over a century in many versions, although the basic rules have remained the same. The ultimate goal here is to bankrupt all the other players on the board by buying and exchanging as much property as possible and turning them into houses and hotels. Players must develop a strategy for collecting rents from their opponents and managing cash flow. The only motive behind this game is to kill any competition entering the market. Lesson: Capital management, investment diversification, calculated risk and the impact of financial and investment decisions and situations. By the way, if you look here, on the site of our today’s interlocutors, you can find such domestic analogues of the legendary monopoly as Investor and Corporation. 2. Shasn SHASN (which in Sanskrit means management) from Memesys Culture Lab is the newest kid in the area. This immersive, immersive board game was inspired by the meteoric rise of Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), who imitates Indian politics and the motives of politicians to win elections and seize power at any cost. In this multiplayer game, you take the place of a politician at a polling station and investigate the machinations associated with capturing votes and influencing political decisions. The game allows you to immerse yourself in politics. He maintains constructive conversations about Indian politics by competing with other players in the midst of the election campaign; players look into the minds of politicians. The game takes us down the path of the unpredictable and dark side of politics, when a person is forced to choose sides and abandon beliefs, no matter what is required to seize power. The board game is a vivid display of the true colors of people. Lesson: everyone chooses to the side, it is the situation that decides who he / she will support and understand the manipulation and diplomacy game that is needed in business. 3. Cooperation: Playing Cooperatives This creative and fun game is the opposite of Monopoly and requires teamwork, solidarity, and cooperation for everyone to win, otherwise everyone will lose. Successful leaders learn from collaboration to combine skills, resources, and brains to make a business successful. This is a game in which you do not compete directly with any of your playmates, but you still have to prove yourself as a person, take on difficult challenges and tests and test the skills of a collective team. Lesson: work in harmony both as an individual and as a team and look at overall growth. 4. Cards Against Humanity A very popular party game, Cards Against Humanity, forces players to think outside the box, especially with a very wild sense of humor. With its impeccable simplicity, this game allows players to relax and have a good time. A successful entrepreneur also needs to have fun and explore the fun side of life. Lesson: All work, no fun, makes Jack a boring boy. 5. GoVenture Entrepreneur Board Game This fun and educational board game from GoVenture combines the best of all board games. There are two versions of this game – educational and home. These events are designed to recreate the challenges of entrepreneurship – the thrill of starting a business, running it, competing, collaborating and negotiating with other stakeholders. There are many conclusions – everyone gets the smallest details of business, finance and marketing. You can also master planning, observation, competition, critical thinking, analysis, decision-making, interaction and smooth communication. This game teaches group dynamics and positive social learning. The competitive side of this game is healthy motivation that eliminates all negative social consequences – the players want to win and also encourage others to succeed. Lesson: Basic knowledge of economics, marketing, decision making and critical thinking. Board games are an important form of entertainment and communication. The best minds in business and entrepreneurs are actively using board games to explore all possible options for strategy, motivation and innovation – the guys from https://cashflow-game.net summarize their story. Did you like the post? Subscribe to site updates via s RSS, Email or twitter!


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