The US dollar is depreciating against the euro and the pound sterling in trading on Monday, is stable against the yen. Growing expectations of the adoption by the US Congress of a new package of measures to support the economy, proposed earlier by US President Joe Biden, contribute to an increase in risk appetite in world markets and, accordingly, to a decrease in demand for dollars. As reported, the House of Representatives last weekend approved a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package proposed by Biden, which provides, in particular, an increase and extension of the duration of federal unemployment benefits, direct payments to Americans in the amount of $ 1,400 per person, and the allocation of $ 350 billion. states and local governments; and funding for vaccination programs. The bill, approved by the lower house of the US Congress, will be sent to the Senate, which is likely to make its own changes. Following this, the House of Representatives will have to re-approve the package of measures, already amended, before sending it to the president for signature. Biden urged the Senate not to delay the approval of the bill, saying that “there is no time to waste.” As of 9:35 am Moscow time, the euro rate against the US dollar rose by 0.09% – to $ 1.2086 compared to $ 1.2075 at the close of the previous session. The dollar / yen pair is trading at 106.56 yen against 106.57 yen at the close of trading on Friday. The pound sterling rose 0.36% to $ 1.3983 compared to $ 1.39233 at the market close on February 26. The ICE-calculated index, which tracks the dynamics of the dollar against six currencies (euro, Swiss franc, yen, Canadian dollar, pound sterling and Swedish krona), lost 0.1% during trading. The broader WSJ Dollar Index fell 0.2%. Source: FINMARKET.RU


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